Essential Equipment

By   Ernie Stephens | July 1, 2015

Law enforcement (LE) helicopter operations require an assortment of mission equipment not found on most other aircraft. In addition, some factory-standard items installed aboard many helicopters require certain upgrades that will withstand the rigors of airborne police work. There is a wide variety of equipment and upgrade options for police helicopters on the market, including, but not limited to, video systems, extra-tough interior components, multiband radio systems, and much, much more. This month, R&WI offers you a sampling of products useful to those who protect us from the air.


L-3 HD Color Spotter Sensor 

L-3 WESCAM now offers a high-definition color spotter sensor for its MX-10 electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) imaging system. Adding the HD spotter to an MX-10 configuration enables customers to achieve what the company calls “unsurpassed magnification,” as well as high quality target detection, recognition and identification at greater distances. The additional capability has enabled L-3 WESCAM to be the first to market with a 10-inch class, stabilized turret complete with EO wide, EO narrow and daylight camera capabilities. Its specifications are ideal for light, manned and unmanned airborne law enforcement platforms, where size, weight and power requirements are critical. L-3 WESCAM’s HD Color Spotter is fully compatible with the company’s Kinetic technologies, such as the Kinetic Moving Target Indicator, which can sort and simultaneously track multiple targets, and the Kinetic Speed, which can report the ground speed of a target vehicle. For more product information, contact L-3 WESCAM at 407-359-7118, or visit


Staco Systems Instrument Panels 

Now Staco is bringing to market small, lightweight switches that are ideal for space-limited helicopters, and wear-resistant illuminated panels that are NVIS-compliant and well suited for airborne law and other rugged operations. The panels use a Staco-exclusive patented polymer material that replaces painted acrylic to prevent light leakage when damaged. Like other company products, the panels are highly wear resistant, and the face plate of every illuminated panel is guaranteed to last the life of the aircraft. In addition, Staco Systems keyboards are integral to navigation mapping systems used by airborne law enforcers, and its subsystems are routinely used in night vision and camera systems. For more information, visit


Breeze-Eastern Situational Awareness Hoist

It’s estimated that helicopters have saved more than two million lives, and at least a third of those have been directly saved with a hoist. Breeze-Eastern offers a range of AC, DC and hydraulically-powered rescue hoists capable of lifting between 300 and 600 pounds for multiple missions and platforms, including airborne law. 
Customer needs for further enhancing safety and reducing operating costs are also being addressed with the development of the advanced MissionView™ Situational Awareness hoist system, and the introduction of a flexible new, operator-friendly leasing program. Supporting the fielded fleet remains a priority. Overhaul and repair turn times range from 30 to 50 days, and common spares are delivered in 14 days or less. For more information, visit


Guardian Mobility FDM

The Guardian Mobility G7/ Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) and Safety Management Systems (SMS) accepts FDM analytics from any fixed-wing or rotory-wing aircraft data source (DFDR, QAR, G7 and others).  It provides comprehensive output for a complete and detailed analysis showing real-time in-flight exceedance notification of Flight Operations Quality Assurance and Maintenance Operations Quality Assurance events. This data analysis can be used after a flight to spot trends and support a proactive safety management system through an automated wireless post-flight data download and analysis with no manual intervention.  All data is viewed via a web-based analysis and reporting tool and can include custom and detailed reporting options. For additional information, contact PAG at 404-768-9090 or visit


Technisonic A711L Audio System

The Technisonic A711L advanced audio system features a fully-illuminated tactile user interface, the ability to support up to seven transceivers in simulcast operation, and a single switch transfer to PA operation.  Additional features include cross-sidetone monitoring; three level optically coupled tone alerting and powered headphone drivers that work effectively in worst-case noise environments and helmet /mic combinations. All prior Access/A system features from TiL are fully supported in the A711L, including a noise-resistant floating interconnect. This audio control system is TSO’d and provides tactical radio control with clear and effective inter-ship communication. For additional information call 800-527-2581 or visit


PowerSonix PA System

The PowerSonix PSAIR22N & PSAIR22A public address system provide law enforcement operators with clear sound and amplification with a one-mile radius at 70dB.   The PowerSonix comes equipped with 600W standard, or 800W boosted, along with a 20 amp standard, or optional 25 amp. The entire unit weighs only 27 pounds. The amplification and clarity of the PowerSonix allows people on the ground to hear commands clearly without the typical distortion from other units. For additional information, call 800-527-2581 or visit

Magellan Aerospace Wire Strike Protection (not pictured)

The Wire Strike Protection System (WSPS) is designed to provide a measure of protection for helicopters from the consequences of an encounter with horizontally-strung wires and cables. The WSPS is comprised of a series of strategically-placed cutters and deflectors that are designed to guide wires over the fuselage and into high tensile steel cutting blades. With more than 30 years of experience and 25,000 kits delivered, Magellan is the global expert for this unique system. For additional information, contact PAG at 404-768-9090 or visit


JAC Dual Audio Controller

The Jupiter Avionics Corp JAC JA94-001 dual audio controller is a compact, lightweight unit that incorporates the latest technology, and is compatible with the current industry-standard interconnect. The unit will support 8 users: pilot, co-pilot and up to 6 passengers. By using a Windows®-based application (ProCSTM), configuration settings may be changed via a 3.5mm jack on the front panel. Field-replaceable illuminated legends mean that the dealer only has to order one version of the controller for many different mission configurations. For additional information, call 800-527-2581 or visit


Latitude IONode FDR

Latitude’s IONode lightweight flight data recorder will help improve aircraft operating efficiencies, reduce maintenance costs and increase safety. When combined with the Latitude SkyNode S100 or S200 communications module, the IONode system becomes an invaluable tool for every fleet operator.  Latitude Flight Data Analytics is our web-based flight data analysis platform. LFDA offers graphical presentations of flight data from aircraft equipped with the IONode. LFDA users are able to replay flights in 3D animated playback, view data from both past and the most recent flights, and can set event thresholds to report exceedances on a real-time and post flight basis.


Avion Power Voyager

Battery power is often the weakest link in helicopter operations.  Law enforcement pilots can mitigate depleted battery risk by flying with a Voyager, the lightest, most powerful, portable power unit. The Avion Power Voyager can start 15 aircraft on a single charge or provide about an hour of ground power.  Users can recharge Voyager in the hangar or on-board during flight.  It’s good for more than 2,000 cycles, monthly self-discharge is less than 3 percent, it has no memory, and it’s maintenance free. The technology has an Air Worthiness Release from the U.S. Army’s 160th SOAR and Avion Power has been making main batteries for that unit for years. For more information, visit


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