Foundation Expanding Offshore Risk Tools

By Staff Writer | July 24, 2015

The Flight Safety Foundation is developing guidelines for oil and gas companies and the helicopter operators they hire to implement its Basic Aviation Risk Standard (BARS) in offshore operations, Rotor & Wing International has learned. The foundation in May introduced an offshore-specific version of BARS, which for five years has been used with success by mining and resource companies and other firms in managing aviation risk in their own operations and in aircraft operators their hire to fly their personnel and cargo. The Basic Aviation Risk Standard for Offshore Helicopter Operations (BARS OHO) uses the same risk-based format standard, which the foundation said was a first for a helicopter that previously has relied on safety and risk-management guidelines. The foundation’s VP of Global Programs, Greg Marshall, said the implementation guidelines should be completed within a few months and will complement the BARS OHO standard by providing additional context to the controls and defenses it offers for identified risks, or threats. The guidelines “will assist in understanding what evidence is required to validate the design of controls and defenses and their operating effectiveness, said Marshall, who played a key role in developing BARS for the foundation. The foundational BARS also is supplemented by implementation guidelines.

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