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EagleEye’s ‘Smart’ Drone OS Reaches U.S. Market

By Staff Writer | August 31, 2015

EagleEye Systems, Inc. sold its "smart" UAV operating system to its first U.S. customer. Public service workers in New Jersey's Bergen County Office of Emergency Management will deploy OS-equipped drones for SAR and emergency situations. According to the manufacturer, the OS makes a limited number of tactical decisions autonomously and allows operators to manually input specific behavior rules, such as avoiding temporary flight restrictions (such airspaces still must be known to the operator). EES told R&WI that it hasn't yet built in the see-and-avoid capabilities necessary for drones to operate safely alongside manned aircraft, mostly because of the FAA's current restrictions on commercial drones. "This is not built into the current drones we've shipped," said an EES representative. "Could we build that? Yes, but there is still some time that's going to need to go by before they allow us to do all those things."


Bergen County Office of Emergency Management (BCOEM) has selected EES’s next-generation Smart UAVs

Photos courtesy of EagleEye Systems, Inc.

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