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Carter Plans Slowed-Rotor Demos This Month

By Staff Writer | September 1, 2015

Carter Aviation Technologies is planning flight demonstrations of its Slowed Rotor/Compound four-place aircraft this month and next, with a tour throughout the U.S. to follow. The Personal Air Vehicle demonstrator is essentially fixed-wing aircraft, the company says, but uses a very simple rotor “as an extremely efficient high-lift device for vertical through intermediate-speed flight” that gives it helicopter-like vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) capabilities. Its cruise speed ranges from 100 kt at low altitudes to 450 kt at 40,000 ft, the firm says. As speed increases, it adds, more of the aircraft’s weight is transferred to the wing from the rotor, which at cruise speed is slowed to decrease the rotational drag. The Wichita Falls, Texas company has spent 21 years developing the technology. The U.S. tour is to start with flights in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. “As part of the new focus to get the aircraft into production,” said President/CEO Jay Carter, “it is critical that interested parties witness SR/C technology firsthand.”


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