EMS Operators Await Word on Croatian Gov’t

By Staff Writer | January 5, 2016

Elifriulia has been supporting the Croatia air ambulance project with this EC135. Photo courtesy of Elifriulia
Italian operators Elifriulia and Airgreen are awaiting the outcome of a new government’s formation in Croatia for hints as to whether they will keep flying air ambulance missions in the country. 
The operators have been working there since early September 2015 under a pilot project overseen by Croatia’s health ministry and funded by the World Bank. They each provided an Airbus Helicopters aircraft, pilots and mechanics; medical crews came from the health ministry and Croatia’s emergency medicine institute.
Elifriulia is based in Ronchi dei Legionari in Italy’s northeastern province of Gorizia. Airgreen is headquartered in Robassomero, near Turin in the northwest. Their daytime operations, which supplemented air ambulance services of Croatia’s air force, conducted more than 215 missions from Sep. 9 to Dec. 31, according to Croatian press reports. They flew from bases in Split, on Croatia’s southern coast, and the northern Adriatic island of Krk. 
But the pilot project will soon end, and politicians have yet to form a new parliamentary coalition to run Croatia’s government.
Nov. 8 elections ousted the standing government and gave a coaltion led by the Croatian Democratic Union (known by the Croatian language abbreviation HDZ) the most parliamentary seats. But its total was short of the 76 seats needed to form a new government. 
HDZ leaders have been negotiating with a party of political newcomers (the MOST party) to form that government. MOST members campaigned on a platform of improving government fiscal responsibility and reducing the number of national ministries.

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