Indonesia’s Thousand Islands to Get Helipads, Helicopter

By Staff Writer | January 13, 2016

Indonesia’s government plans to develop six helicopter landing sites among the 110 islands that make up the nation’s Seribu Islands regency and to acquire a helicopter to serve it in emergencies, according to media reports there.
Also known as the Thousand Islands, the closely packed chain stretches about 25 nm north of Jakarta into the Java Sea. According to the media reports, government officials said the landing sites will be developed on soccer fields in six urban villages and will require no special construction or details other than paint markings. 
Quoting a regency leader, the reports said that government also plans to acquire a helicopter to support air ambulance and other emergency services. They noted that crossing the sea to Jakarta from the nearest island takes at least 30 minutes, and rough seas can cut off that route.

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