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Russian Tiltrotor Takes First Flight

By Staff Writer | February 18, 2016

A unique unmanned tiltrotor has successfully completed a new testing stage after performing its first flight. The aircraft was created by VR-Technologies, an innovative design bureau part of Russian Helicopters. A number of oil and gas companies and various government agencies are already showing interest in the unique project.  

Development of the aircraft began in 2015, said VR-Technologies CEO Alexander Okhonko. The project is implemented as part of the speed program adopted by Russian Helicopters. The main objective during development was to create a flying test bed to determine the efficiency of design layouts and to search for innovative solutions. 

A number of potential customers are ready to buy the unmanned complex for tasks related to monitoring and environmental control in areas with no possibility to use air strips. The complex can maintain smoke control in forests and restrained urban conditions, take aerial photographs, monitor oil and gas facilities and transport medical supplies to hard-to-reach areas.  


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