S Korea Grants Rebtech Approval of Ka-32 NVG Mod

By Staff Writer | February 23, 2016

Night-vision lighting specialist Reb Technologies [Booth 1200] has received South Korean approval of its night-vision modification to a civil-operated Kamov Ka-32 and established a logistical spares hub in Prague, Czech Republic.

The Ka-32 will be operated by Dae Jin Air in nighttime  fire-suppression operations throughout South Korea following the night-vision goggle modification’s certification by the Korean Office of Civil Aviation. Bedford, Texas-based Rebtech designed, engineered and installed the NVG capability for the aircraft’s cockpit, cabin and external lighting systems.

In Prague, Rebtech’s Glomex Military Supplies will provide for repair and service support of night-vision components and instruments on that helicopter and other KA-32s that are likely to receive night-vision modifications in South Korea by Rebtech. The company said there are about 500 KA-32s operating around the world in multiple military, para-public and civil configurations.


“This was a significant effort by everyone at Rebtech, and we’re proud of this recent and very important certification,” said company President Richard Borkowski. “We will undoubtedly continue to expand our exemplary service and support into this region.”

Rebtech is a global industry leader providing advanced military and civil night vision aircraft lighting systems. It has several FAA-approved supplemental type certificates and has performed lighting modifications and installations for military and civil customers in more than eight different countries.

The company provides FAA-approved instrument repair, overhaul and modification in addition to support of developmental requirements for Rebtech and its customers and offers additional design, engineering and developmental services for military or civil aircraft applications upon customer request.

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