HeliTrak Displays New R22 Autopilot

By Staff Writer | February 25, 2016

HeliTrak, Inc. [Booth 10740] will introduce its safety-enhanced HeliTrak Autopilot for the Robinson R22. Also on display will be the Collective Pull Down (CPD), which was introduced last year. The installation of both products on an R22 creates significant improvement in flight safety. The autopilot system is lightweight and provides safety features, including a built-in Air Data Attitude Heading Reference System.

The CPD is designed to automatically pull down the collective when a low-rotor RPM warning occurs in under a second, enabling the helicopter to enter autorotation. The CPD allows the pilot more time to react to a power loss to avoid a catastrophic result.
The autopilot is pending FAA approval and is expected to be available in early 2017. FAA approval for the CPD is slated for Q2 of 2016, with initial availability for the R22. Models for other rotorcraft are under development.

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