Robinson Optional Fuel Tank Available for R66

By Staff Writer | February 25, 2016

Robinson Helicopter Company [Booth 3501] is offering an optional 43-gallon auxiliary fuel tank for its R66 Turbine helicopter, extending the helicopter’s range by as much as 200 nm, the company said. The fuel tank mounts on a fiberglass tray that installs in the forward section of the baggage compartment. The tank occupies two-thirds of the compartment, leaving space for up to 100 lb of cargo. Both the tray and tank can be removed when not in use. The system weighs about 37 lb. A crash-resistant fuel bladder fits in an aluminum and fiberglass enclosure with an internal fuel pump that pumps fuel to the helicopter’s main tank at approximately 40 gph. The controls are located in the upper avionics console and feature a power switch, a "no-flow" annunciator light and a fuel quantity button. The system is an option on R66s ordered after January 15, 2016. An R66 Turbine with the tank installed will also be on display.


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