ASU, Wilcox Unveil New NVG Helmet Mount, Battery Pack

By Pat Host | March 4, 2016

Aviation Specialties Unlimited (ASU) and Wilcox Industries on March 2 revealed a new helmet mount and battery pack for night vision goggles, according to a company statement.
ASU believes its new helmet mount and battery pack is lighter, smaller and more durable because of the materials used in manufacturing. Goggles can be easily mounted to the helmet with one hand, where previous models required two hands to properly align the goggles in the channel. The mount is branded ASU, but manufactured by Wilcox.
The rugged design improves endurance and reduces wear and tear of day to day use. It is also backward compatable with existing helmet mounts, battery packs and goggles. Flight testing is already underway and the new products exceed DO-275 and TSO C-164 minimum standards.
ASU Director Watlington said ASU believes it has addressed a issue where the sidebars on the goggle mounts would break. These mounts are rather expensive, he said, and ASU belives it has created a better mount through engineering. Watlington also said that individual parts can be replaced on the new mounts, providing an affordable alternative to purchasing and entire new mount.
ASU anticipates receiving certification in the summer of 2016 and will begin selling in the fall of 2016. Watlington said here at the 2016 Heli-Expo convention that no price had been set, a prototype has been developed and that full production was expected by the fall.

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