ASU Launches Night Vision Integration With GoPro

By Amy Kluber | April 15, 2016

Aviation Specialties Unlimited Inc.'s night-vision-capable Ecliptus can now connect with GoPro cameras, making ASU the first to participate in The GoPro's Developer Program.

The Ecliptus offers a 40-deg field of view, weighs less than one lb, is integrated with the GoPro HERO4 Silver and Black cameras and captures images at 12 megapixels with a burst mode at 30 frames per sec. It captures night vision images using an AN/PVS-14 objective lens, records in ultra-high definition (4X HD) and stores these images using a 16 GB SD card. Images and video can also be viewed in real time using WiFi-enabled smart devices. The camera modes can be controlled using the GoPro button controls and optionally from remote mobile devices.

Because of its size and functionality, the Ecliptus can be useful in search and rescue, and law enforcement applications.

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