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S-92 Marks Million-Hour Milestone

By Amy Kluber | June 16, 2016

Sikorsky's global fleet of S-92s have surpassed one million flight hours within 12 years in May.

Sikorsky said the aircraft also have an accident rate of less than one-tenth of the U.S. Civil Multi-Turbine engine helicopter rate, earning the manufacturer an American Helicopter Society International Harry T. Jensen Award for its safety record earlier this year.

Certified to FAA-EASA Part 29 standards, the S-92 was the first of such certified aircraft.

There are more than 275 S-92s in use around the world performing operations in the offshore oil and gas industry and search and rescue. Sikorsky is developing the VH 92, a variant of the S-92, for next-generation U.S. presidential transport helicopters.
Photo courtesy of Lockheed Martin

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