NY Flight School Taps Benefits of X-Copter Sim

By James T. McKenna | July 29, 2016

X-Copter LLC has delivered a Robinson Helicopter simulator to Flying Helicopters Made Easy on Long Island, New York.

Based at Republic Airport in Farmingdale, New York, that flight school trains U.S. and international students for ground school and private, instrument, commercial and certified flight instructor certificates using two Robinson R22s and two R44s.

“We believe that the X-Copter simulator will help us provide a complete training experience for our students and is a great way to recruit new students and grow our operations”, said Ilan Nahoom, CEO/CFI at Flying Helicopters Made Easy.  “We researched the simulator market and determined that the X-Copter provided the best value along with a great immersive full cockpit environment."


Based in Prescott, Arizona, X-Copter LLC produces the Robinson simulators and also develops semi-custom helicopter training devices and performs design and manufacturing services for the helicopter market.

Its fixed-base simulator includes two high-resolution touch-screen monitors in the cockpit that the company says deliver advanced avionics with accurate representations of the Garmin G500H and the IFR-ready Garmin GNS 530/430 Wide-Area Augmentation System unit. X-Copter said the instrumentation profiles can be changed within seconds and includes a horizontal situation indicator, distance measuring equipment display, transponder, VHF Omni-Range instrument, marker beacons and an active audio panel.

The visual system uses four large ultra-high-definition displays, with visuals driven by what the company says is the latest professional grade visual computing and gaming graphics hardware. 

“Tactile transducers give the pilot a direct kinesthetic sense of engine and rotor operation,” X-Copter said. “Variable vibrations alert the user to the smallest changes in rotor RPM, offering precise feel and control of the aircraft.”

The simulation package includes an approach database for the contiguous U.S., and 33,000 airports with worldwide scenery.

“The value of simulation cannot be underestimated for our students,” said Flying Helicopters Made Easy’s chief pilot and CFI, Yaron Kafri. “The ability to practice real-life emergency scenarios from the safety of the office and develop muscle memory translates to better, more confident students who reach their goals faster and with a deeper understanding of the complexities of flying a helicopter.”

Photo courtesy of X-Copter

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