Safran Produces First US-Made Arrius 2R Engine

By S.L. Fuller | September 12, 2016

The first Arrius 2R engine to be made in the U.S. was delivered by Safran Helicopter Engines on schedule. Powering the Bell Helicopter 505 Jet Ranger X, the engine was assembled in Safran's facility in Grand Prairie, Texas. Up until that point, all units had been assembled at Safran's headquarters in Bordes, France.

Launched alongside the light single-engine Bell 505 in 2013, the Arrius 2R developed quickly. Its first ground run was in April 2014, flight tested about seven months later and certified at the end of 2015.

Safran has sold more than 3,150 Arrius engines to hundreds of customers around the world. The 2R is reinforced by a 3,000-hr time-between-overhaul offered at service entry. Having a facility in Texas will allow Safran to have faster reactivity and an easier delivery process to meet Bell's needs.


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