Israeli Satcom Firm to Bring New Terminal to Helo Defense Market Citing Increased Demand

By S.L. Fuller | August 14, 2017

November 9, 2007 - A Utah National Guard Soldier and 19th Special Forces member are lifted on board an HH-60 Pave Hawk during a combat search and rescue integration exercise over the Utah Test and Training Range. Members of the 34th Weapons Squadron from Nellis Air Force Base led the search and recovery training. The exercise expanded the integration with Utah's 211th Aviation Group AH-64 Apache Joint Rotary Wing, 4th Fighter Squadron F-16 Fighting Falcon assets from Hill Air Force Base, Utah, and special operations forces. Exercise participants also conducted extensive joint combat search and rescue operations against surface-to-air threats. The exercise is being run held November 6 through 15.

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Israel-based Orbit Communications Systems Ltd. has received an order for helicopter systems from an unnamed defense firm, Orbit said. This is the first time its new multipurpose terminal for airborne satellite communication will be developed for the rotary-wing platform.

“Our decision to extend the development of our multi-purpose terminals to helicopters was prompted by market demand,” said Eitan Livneh, CEO of Orbit. “Time to market is a key factor and our ability to tailor our technology to customer needs is proving to be a very attractive and marketable commodity.”


The terminal delivers internet-based data and is built to military standard. The company said it is ultra-compact, cost-effective and ruggedized. Because of this, it features minimal size, weight and power consumption and can withstand environments with constant vibration, according to Orbit.

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