Ka-226 Will Fly With Crash-Resistant Fuel System in ’18 to 24 Months,’ Report Says

By Amy Kluber | August 21, 2017

Russian Ka-226T

Russian Ka-226T. Photo courtesy of Russian Helicopters

Russian Helicopters' Ka-226 will reportedly be equipped with a crash-resistant fuel system manufactured by Rostec State Corporation's Technodinamika, Russia's news agency said. With an initial contract awarded in May 2016, the system will be delivered to Russian Helicopters starting in 18 to 24 months, the report confirmed. Technodinamika's department director, Egor Chetvertnykh, was quoted as saying it would be the first aircraft to be equipped with the system in that nation.

The Ka-226T is a light utility helicopter with a coaxial twin-rotor system. It can carry up to six people. Russian Helicopter said the aircraft is eco-friendly, cost-effective and has advanced avionics.


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