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September 01, 2010

In Their Words: Summit Quotes

More than 5,000 words of direct quotations from the Rotor & Wing 2010 Safety and…

August 01, 2010

More Videos: Safety & Training Channel

A new online feature at is home to several new video clips from the…

August 01, 2010

Quotes from Safety & Training, June 9

Quotes from Tuesday, June 8 Ernie Stephens, Rotor & Wing Editor-at-Large: “Rule number one: If…

August 01, 2010

Best SMS: Between Your Ears

Since my last column, I have had the privilege of attending three very unique conferences.…

August 01, 2010

Training: Tech Upgrades in the Cockpit

Left to right, Steve “Elroy” Colby, Matt Murphey, BJ Raysor and Dennis Small. Photo by…

August 01, 2010

Ab-initio Helicopter Training Vetted at Summit

Left to right, Ernest Anderson, Dennis Pierce, Christian Gadbois, Cass Howell and Gordon Jiroux. Photo…

August 01, 2010

Quotes from Safety & Training, June 8

Quotes from Wednesday, June 9 Keynote speech from Randy Babbitt, FAA Administrator: On Safety: “Finding…

July 09, 2010

HotSeat Heli-Sim Awarded at Summit

Clark Intl Aviation Management’s Jeff Clark was chosen at Rotor & Wing’s 2010 Safety and…

July 01, 2010

Summit: Being an Effective Safety Officer

From left to right, Air Life Georgia Safety Director Matt Wallace, Air Methods Corporate Safety…

July 01, 2010

Accidents and Incidents: It’s All Human Factors

From left to right, Jerry Allen of Baines SImmons, Bristow’s Tim Rolfe, Immanuel Barshi from…

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