By Staff Writer | January 1, 2003
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Jan. 16-19
International Flying Farmers Annual Workshop, Tucson, Arizona. Contact Kathy Marsh, 316-943-4234; fax 316-943-4235; web www.flyingfarmers.org; e-mail flyingfarmers@earthlink.net.

Feb. 4-6
North American Aviation Safety Conference, Atlanta, Georgia. Contact FSF, 703-739-6700, or SAE, 877-606-7323 or 724-776-4970; web www.sae.org/aviationsafety.

Feb. 5-9
Aero India 2001, Yelahanka, Bangalore, India. Contact Defence Exhibition Organisation, Ministry of Defence, New Delhi, India; +91-11-3371509; fax +91-11-3371987; web www.aeroindia.com; e-mail defexhorg@vsnl.net.


Feb. 9-11
Heli-Expo 2003, Dallas, Texas. Contact Marilyn McKinnis, the Helicopter Association International, Alexandria, Virginia, 703-683-4646; fax 703-683-4745; web www.rotor.com; e-mail marilyn.mckinnis@rotor.com.

Feb. 11-16
Australian International Air Show, Avalon Airport, Melbourne, Australia. Contact Terry Smith, AirShows DownUnder, +61-3-5282-4400; fax +61-3-5282-4455; web www.airshow.net.au; e-mail tsmith@airshow.net.au.

Feb. 18-20
ATC Maastricht 2003, MECC, Maastricht, Netherlands. Contact Michelle Kenyon, CMP Information Ltd., +44-20-8987-7893; fax +44-20-8995-2788; web www.atcmaastricht.com.

April 6-8
Helicopter Association of Canada 7th Annual Convention & Trade Show, Vancouver, British Columbia. Contact Janet Maslin, HAC, 613-231-1110; fax 613-236-2361; web www.h-a-c.ca; e-mail bev.bonnell@h-a-c.ca.

April 9-12
Army Aviation Association of America (Quad-A) Annual Convention, Fort Worth, Texas. Contact AAAA, 203-268-2450; fax 203-268-5870; web www.quad-a.org; e-mail aaa@quad-a.org.

April 15-17
Navy League Sea Air Space Exposition, Washington, DC. Contact Karen Kalber, 800-356-5760 or 703-528-1775; fax 703-528-2333; web www.navyleague.org; e-mail kkalber@navyleague.org.

April 21-25
Naval Helicopter Association Symposium 2003, San Diego, California. Contact NHA, NAS North Island, California, 619-435-7139; fax 619-435-7354; web www.navalhelicopterassn.org; e-mail rotorrev@inetworld.net.

May 5-8
OTC 2003: "What is the Future Model for Offshore Project Execution?" Houston, Texas. Contact Offshore Technology Conference, Richardson, Texas; 972-952-9494; fax 972-952-9435; web www.otcnet.org; e-mail service@otc.net.org.

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