By Staff Writer | August 1, 2004
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Aug. 16-20--17th Annual Comprehensive Short Course in Rotary-Wing Technology, State College, Pa. Days Inn Penn State. Contact Nancy Eckard: 814-863-5100; e-mail: nse103@psu.edu; web-site: www.outreach.psu.edu/C&I/rotarywing.

Sept. 14-16--National Guard Assn. of the United States 126th General Conference, Las Vegas, Nev. Contact: Rich Arnold; (202) 454-5301; e-mail: richard.arnold@NGAUS.org. ; website: www.ngaus.org.

Sept. 29-30--Breeze-Eastern Annual User Group Conference. Kenilworth Inn, Kenilworth, N.J. Contact Carolyn Hakum; (908) 241-4100; e-mail: chakim@breeze-eastern.com; website: www.breeze-eastern.com;


Oct. 5-7--International Heli Trade & Heli MRO, Geneva, Switzerland. Contact: Moira Edwards, 44-(0)1295 670 049; e-mail: info@internationalhelitrade.com; website: internationalhelitrade.com

Oct. 12-14--National Business Aviation Association 57th Annual Meeting & Convention, Las Vegas, Nev. Contact NBAA Conventions & Seminars Dept., (202) 783-9283; fax (202) 331-8364; website: www.nbaa.org.

Oct. 18-21--HELMOT XI (Helicopter Military Operations), Williamsburg, Virginia. Contact Jerry Irvine, U.S. Army AATD, Fort Eustis, Virginia, (757) 878-3272; fax (757) 878-1323; e-mail jirvine@eustis .army.mil. Website: www.ahs-hrc.org/helmot

Oct. 25-27--Int'l Loran Assoc. 33rd Convention and Technical Symposium, Tokyo, Japan. Contact Kelly Morgan, 608-270-0500, ext. 240; e-mail morgank@locusinc.com. Website: www.locusinc.com.

Oct. 26 - 27 -- International Helicopter Conference, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Contact: Clair Auger, Phone: (+44) (0) 1628 604311, E-Mail: ca@shephard.co.uk; website: www.helicoptercorp.com

Nov. 16--19 Emergency Response 2004, San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, Calif. Sponsored by Rotor & Wing. Contact: Susan Cuevas, (301) 354-1667; e-mail: scuevas@pbimedia.com; website: www.emergencyresponseshow.com.

Dec. 6-9--Dubai Helishow 2004, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Contact Julia Cuthbert, 44-(0)1293 823779; e-mail: cuthbert@mediacom.com.

Feb. 6-8, 2005--HELI-EXPO 2005, Anaheim, Calif. Contact Marilyn McKinnis, the Helicopter Association International, Alexandria, Virginia, (703) 683-4646; fax (703) 683-4745; e-mail marilyn.mckinnis@rotor.com. website: www.rotor.com

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