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Rotorocraft Report: Australia Picks NH90 for AIR 9000 Program

By James T. McKenna | October 1, 2004
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Australia has ordered 12 NH90 helicopters for the Australian Army as part of its AIR 9000 program, increasing the total order book to 357. The helicopters have been designated the NH 90 and will be marinized to operate from the Royal Australian Navy's amphibious ships. The new MRH 90 "is purpose built for amphibious operations and includes extra corrosion protection, folding rotor blades and other enhancements to allow shipboard operations," said Senator Robert Hill, Australian Minister for Defence. "This will give the Army an enhanced ability to move more soldiers further and faster from our amphibious lift ships, HMAS Kanimbla and Manoora, and their replacements."


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