By Staff Writer | January 1, 2005
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Aviall LIFT Helps Helicopter Customers Hover Higher

When Keystone Helicopter Corp. wanted to save money and increase efficiency, they turned to their parts provider, Aviall Services, to help find solutions that would benefit both companies. Aviall, the world's largest independent provider of new aviation parts, offered Keystone a customized program that is now called Aviall LIFT. Short for Logistics Inventory Flight Team, Aviall LIFT has delivered significant results for Keystone.

"In the 12 months before we signed an agreement with Aviall, we used 117 different vendors for the parts we now get from them," says Fred Kostanoski, Keystone's director of materials. "Their end-to-end approach works well for us, saving us time and money."


Adds Kostanoski, "Aviall is a reliable supplier with good prices, harmonized systems and great service. I can't think of anything to ask for that I'm not already getting."

Aviall LIFT offers a variety of services tailor-made to each helicopter operation. All are designed to add value and cost reductions to a customer's bottom line. Its benefits include:

  • Access to more than 200 product lines,
  • Local stocking,
  • Central inventory,
  • Inventory management,
  • Electronic ordering via the award-winning website or EDI (electronic data interface), and
  • Support of local Aviall sales personnel worldwide.

By managing and combining many supply chain, administrative and inventory management services for a customer, Aviall LIFT performs important responsibilities to save customers time and money. Overall, Aviall looks at each customer's unique needs and comes up with a LIFT solution that works best for them.

Because Aviall is the world's largest parts provider--with roots dating back to 1932--it can leverage its sizable supply chain efficiencies to provide customers with solutions that other companies can't. Today, Aviall offers a total of nearly 400,000 unique aircraft and engine line items from approximately 215 quality suppliers to all types of aviation customers worldwide, effectively making it a one-stop shop for many operators. They also have a worldwide network of customer service centers, and product repair centers servicing batteries, hoses, paint, oxygen, wheels and brakes.

Logistically, an ISO 9002-registered central distribution facility in Dallas is the hub for multiple Aviall Customer Service Centers and stocking locations in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, The Netherlands, and the United States. Aviall also offers industry's most experienced and responsive field representatives, backed by an inside support team who are dedicated to customer satisfaction.

Aviall prides itself on combining old-fashioned customer service, technical innovation, advanced distribution capabilities, and an unmatched number of parts and services to create a philosophy they call "Aviallability": LIFT is a part of the Aviallability concept that serves the helicopter market. To support LIFT even better, Aviall recently expanded their general helicopter inventory to nearly $70 million.

Besides Keystone, for which Aviall is presently the sole source for more than 1,600 items, other LIFT customers include Air Methods, Rotorcraft Leasing, Eagle Copters, and Arrow Aviation. Air Methods alone sources more than 2,000 items solely from Aviall. n

For more information about Aviall or Aviall LIFT, please call Aviall at 1-800-AVIALL1 in North America. It is the time-and-money saving parts solution for the helicopter industry.

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