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By Staff Writer | January 1, 2005
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We Understand Aviation Financing

Center Capital's General Aviation Financing Equipment Division understands aviation equipment financing for one simple reason: it is all that they do.

"We focus exclusively on the equipment financing needs of the general aviation community," says Bill Allen, Director of Business Development for the company's General Aviation Equipment Financing Eastern Division. "As a result, we are specialists in understanding the unique needs of our general aviation clients, and in crafting financial deals that meet those needs."


"Our people are veterans in general aviation, with years of experience in working with the industry," adds Greg Renna, Director of Business Development for Center Capital's General Aviation Equipment Financing Western Division. "We understand the life span issues of each aircraft; how important it is to maintain each one to rigorous standards, and what kind of strain this can place on aircraft owners. Our goal is to ease this strain."

Deann Shier, CEO of Corporate Helicopters, attests to Center Capital's `strain-easing' abilities. "They were tremendously helpful when we financed the purchase of two helicopters a few years ago," she says. "So I called them up on a Tuesday when we literally needed to close the deal on a third rotorcraft that Friday, to meet the terms of a contact. Although I had never even met him before, Bill Allen was well-briefed on our company and extremely helpful. And sure enough, by Friday Center Capital had done all the paperwork electronically with complete accuracy and speed. They were absolutely incredible; we got that helicopter on time."

Flexible Financing at Competitive Rates

Center Capital prides itself not just on lending money to the aircraft industry, but doing so in ways that spur the industry's growth and success. This is why, when a general aviation client comes to arrange financing, Center Capital devises a plan that takes into account the client's distinct business, cash flow, tax, accounting, and operational needs.

"We offer a full range of fixed and variable payment plans," says Allen. "We can even start with variable rate loan and then transition to a fixed rate later; whatever meets our client's needs best."

"Our rates are very competitive," adds Renna. "As well, as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Webster Financial, we're not brokers, but a direct lender: we have the authority to offer you firm financing deals with no running around. Better yet, as a wholly owned subsidiary of an $18 billion bank holding company, Center Capital has deep pockets: We have the money general aviation needs to get things done."

A Commitment to Relationships

Some lenders are obsessed with a quick profit. They get as much as they can from each deal, and don't worry if their clients come back.

Center Capital doesn't work this way. "Our goal is to be your financial partner for life," Bill Allen says. "We want you to come back to us whenever you need new financing, whether to upgrade the size of your aircraft, engine overhauls, avionics upgrades, or to expand your fleet.

"This will only happen if you are happy with our service; if you believe that Center Capital's team is on your side."

"If you succeed, we succeed," says Greg Renna. "It is as simple as that. This is why Center Capital puts so much time and emphasis on meeting our clients' needs, and making sure that we know the industry as well as our clients, so that we do the very best for them."

Informed, flexible financial help for the long haul: that's the mission of Center Capital's General Aircraft Finance Division. n

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