Rotorcraft Report: CJ System Links to Teddy Bear Transport Program

By Staff Writer | January 1, 2005
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CJ System Links To Teddy Bear Transport Program

CJ Systems Aviation Group has finalized an agreement with Ft. Worth, Texas-based Cook Children's Medical Center to provide air medical services through the health care system's Teddy Bear Transport program. While Cook Children's program has been operating Teddy Bear Transport for some time, the addition of a dedicated helicopter to the program will represent an expansion and augmentation of the services the medical centers provides to the Ft. Worth community, according to David Franc, CJ Systems vice president, business development. The service provides hospital-to-hospital transportation for patients who can't wait for care, such as children and newborns who face complications, possibly death, without speedy transport. The typical helicopter transport can bring a patient to the medical center within 20-45 min., he said.

The helicopter operation will use a Bell 222UT, with CJ Systems providing a contingent of four pilots and one mechanic. The 222 will be sent through CJ System's affiliate Heli-Dyne Systems for basic modifications and improvements.


"It's a great opportunity for CJ Systems and Heli-Dyne," Franc said. "We will be drawing on Heli-Dyne's resources in supporting this program and moving into future aircraft completion." Heli-Dyne is also located in Ft. Worth, with its close proximity to Cook Children's, meaning that "the program will have quick and direct access to an overhaul and maintenance facility offering immediate access to inventory, personnel and expertise in the Bell 222."

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