New Markets With the Military

By Staff Writer | September 1, 2005

A preview of this year's show.

New market opportunities with military agencies are generating great interest in the helicopter industry, so much so that organizers of Helitech have included--for the first time--a conference on the subject in the program for the biennial, all-rotorcraft U.K. trade show. The show will be held at the Imperial War Museum in Duxford, Cambridge Sept. 27-29.

The United Kingdom is arguably a leader in these new markets with its push toward commercially owned, military-registered (COMR, pronounced koe-mer) operations. U.K. military forces have such aircraft, for which a paper trail is maintained to ease their re-entry to civil registry (and thus preserve their market value), in such far-flung operations as Belize and Brunei.


The latest expansion of the COMR drive came in May, when AgustaWestland was selected to provide three A109 Powers for the Royal Air Force's 32 Sqdn. Known as The Royal Squadron, it flies VIP and communications missions, including transport of Queen Elizabeth and her family.

The day-long conference Sept. 27 at the Wellcome Trust center about 5 min. drive from Helitech's venue will explain what U.K. military forces want from COMR programs and how companies can compete for that work.

About 9,000 people from more than 70 countries are registered to attend the show and view goods from 250 exhibitors from more than 20 countries. The show will again include an area for first-time exhibitors, which has grown about 25 percent from its debut in 2003. Highlights of the aircraft displays will include the first-time visit of Bell/Agusta Aerospace's AB139.


Able Engineering USA 1609

ACROHELIPRO Global Services Canada 410

Adams Aviation UK 601

AEM Ltd UK 511

Aerazur France 505

Aero Simulators Belgium 1716

Aerobytes UK 1906

Aerodata AG Germany 1404

AeroMaritime Ltd UK 817

Aeronautical Accessories USA 600

Aerospace Filtration Systems Inc USA 1219

Aerotech Uk Ltd UK 1408

Aerotech World Trade Ltd UK 1619

Aerotron Ltd UK 1206

AgustaWestland Italy Chalet 7

Air & General Finance UK 1601

Air & Ground Aviation UK 1212

Air & Marine Products Ltd UK 517

Air Alpha Maintenance A/S Denmark 1707

Air Cruisers USA 505

Air Harrods Ltd UK Chalet 3

Air Service Training UK 1500

(Engineering) Ltd

Airborne Engines Ltd Canada 2007

Airdale Aerospace UK 1419

Airline Maintenance Resources UK 1908

Airplan Flight Equipment UK 2108

AirWork Ragoni Services Switzerland 1700

Alan Mann Group of Companies UK 1309

Apical Industries USA 611

Artex Inc USA 404

AvBuyer UK 716

Avia Press Associates UK 1519

Aviation Traders Ltd UK 1709

Avionics Mobile Services Ltd UK 408

Avsoft UK 315

BarcoView Belgium 1802

Becker Flugfunkwerk GmbH Germany 715

Bell Helicopter USA Chalet 8 & 1600

Bet Shemesh Engines Israel 1816

Blades Aviation Canada 418

BLR Aerospace USA 612

Blue Sky Network USA 1710

B-N Group Ltd UK 1811

Bose Netherlands 1401

Breeze-Eastern USA 1419

Bristow Helicopters Ltd UK Chalet 12

British Helicopter Advisory Board UK 1218

"Cabair Group, The" UK Outside

CAE Canada 613

"Calculex, Inc" USA 1518

Calzoni Italy 1211

CAMP Europe France 1108

CAM-Tel Data Product Group GmbH Germany 1417

Caseright Ltd UK 1214

Chelton Flight Systems USA 404

Chelton Ltd UK 404

Chelton Radomes Ltd UK 1400

Chelton Satcom/Omnipless South Africa 404

Antenna Systems

Click Bond Inc USA 1817

CMC Electronics Canada 1201

Columbia Helicopters USA 616

Composite Technology Ltd UK Chalet 4

Copter Covers UK Outside

Crawford Amber UK 1717

CSE Aircraft Sales UK 311

CSE Aviation UK 311

cueSim UK 912

DAC International USA 704

Dakota Air Parts Int'l Inc USA 1815


DART Helicopter Services USA 611

Denel Optronics South Africa 1006

DMS Technologies UK 1514

DNH Helicopters UK 1808

domo Ltd UK 818

DRS Technologies - Surveillance USA 1414

& Reconnaissance Group

Dynamic Solutions Systems Inc USA 1412

East Horizons SA Belgium 2017

Eastern Atlantic Helicopters UK Chalet 4

Eaton Aerospace - Engineered Sensors USA 202

Eckhart Helicopter Sales Inc USA 1508

Edwards & Associates USA 600

Elite Helicopters UK 318

Enstrom Helicopters USA Chalet 4

Enterprise Control Systems UK 718

EuroAvionics Navigation Systems Germany 414

Eurocopter France 1106

European Air-Crane Italy 712

European Helicopter Association Netherlands Chalet 10

Express Hi-Fold Doors UK 1611

Faro UK UK 2008

FB Heliservices UK 1615

FDC Aerofilter USA 713

Fischer + Entwicklungen Germany 1807

GmbH & CoKG

Flight International UK 210

Flight Simulators Ltd UK 1720

Flight Training News UK 2108

FlightSafety International UK 1705


FreeFlight Systems USA 1405

Fuel Proof Ltd UK 416

Goodrich Corporation UK 806

H + S Aviation UK 1411

H R Smith Group of Companies UK 518

Hale Hamilton Valves UK 1904

Hardigg Europe UK 819

Harrods Aviation UK Chalet 3

Hayward Aviation Ltd UK 906

Headset Services Ltd UK 1819

Heli Buyer Europe UK 716

Heli Ops Int'l New Zealand 2004

HeliAir Ltd UK Outside

Helicomb International USA 1205

Helicopter Adventures USA 1213

Helicopter Association International USA 1304

Helicopter International UK 1519

Helicopter Life UK 615

"Helicopter Museum, The" UK 1519

Helicopter Support Inc USA 710

HelicopterBuyer Inc USA 1502

HeliData Classified UK 1519

HeliData News & Classified UK 1519

HeliNetwork International France 700

Heli-One Canada 1209

Helistop France 617

Helitowcart (Vanair Inc) Canada 1806

Helitune Ltd UK 1409

Hields Aviation UK Outside

Hitachi Capital Business Finance UK 1319

HM Customs & Excise UK 216

Honeywell UK 1408

HR Smith (Technical Developments) Ltd UK 518

Hydrep France 1217

Imperial War Museum Duxford UK 317

Inventory Locator Services UK 1614

Io Ltd UK 1812

Italiano Ponti Radio Italy 1506

ITT Defence Ltd USA 1702

J R Technology Ltd UK 309

Jara Aviation UK Outside

Kazan Helicopters Russian Federation 719

Knaus Helicopter Austria 204

L3 Wescam Canada 1810

Lees Avionics UK 1909

LFD (Exports) Ltd UK 1910

Lloyd Helicopters Singapore 1311

Logilux Switzerland 617

Lombard Aviation Finance UK 1011

London Helicopter Centres Ltd UK 1412

Lord Corporation USA 1711

Lynton Aviation Aircraft Sales UK 311

Martin-Baker Aircraft Co Ltd UK 619

McAlpine Helicopters UK 1106

"MD Helicopters, Inc" USA Chalet 5

Meggitt Avionics UK 1305

MF Aviation UK 1500

Michael Wheatley Helicopters UK 200

Military Helicopter News UK 1519

Moog Holland Aircraft Services Netherlands 1301

MSR Metall Spezialrohr GmbH Germany 1902

Muirhead Avionics UK 1316

"Nordam Group, The" Netherlands 1400

Northern Airborne Technology Ltd Canada 404

Northstar Aerospace USA 1708

Onboard Systems USA 1313

Oxford Airport UK 311

Oxley Group PLC UK 614

Parker Hannifin GmbH Germany 1703 USA 1813

Patria Helicopters Sweden 900

Patriot Aviation Ltd UK Chalet 6

Penny & Giles Aerospace Ltd UK 1517

Planet Platforms Ltd UK 1803

Polytech AB Sweden 706

Pooleys Flight Equipment UK 2019

Powervamp UK 1211

Pratt & Whitney Canada Canada 608

Precise Flight Inc USA 1613

PremiAir Aircraft Engineering Ltd UK 605

PremiAir Aviation UK 605

Prima Direct UK 1907

PZL Swidnik SA Poland 800

R & D Design Services Ltd UK 1701

Recovair UK 1814

Red Box International UK 1300

Red Cell Network UK 610

Reed Exhibitions UK 1415

Revue Thommen AG Switzerland 807

RFD Beaufort UK 1318

Robinson Helicopter Company USA Chalet 2

Rola-Trac Limited UK 2009

Rolls-Royce UK 1012

Ross Aviation UK 1511

Rotor & Wing/Access Intelligence USA 1220 & Chalet 11A

Rotor Blades Inc/Hawker USA 600

Rotorblatt Germany 307

Royal Aeronautical Society UK 214

RUAG Aerospace Switzerland 501

Ryan International USA 1418

SAFRAN France 1200

Sagem France 1200

SAS Flight Academy Sweden 1715

Scandinavian Aerospace & Industry AB Sweden 1900

Scandinavian Avionics AS Denmark 1809

Schroth Safety Products Germany 1416

Schweizer Helicopters USA 1214

SEI Industries Ltd Canada 1801

Selex Sensors and Airborne Systems UK 1009

Semia France 1211

Sennheiser (UK) Ltd UK 1916

Sermatech International UK Ltd UK 1315

Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation USA 1718

SKF Aerospace UK 1516

Sky Connect USA 408

Skyquest Aviation UK 907

Skytrac Systems Ltd Canada 1805

S-Lite Ltd UK 1912

Sloane Helicopters Ltd UK Chalets 1 & 2

Specialist Aviation Services Ltd UK 1901

Specialist Electronic Services UK 1914

Specmat Technologies Inc USA 518

Spectrolab Inc USA 513

Sprung Instant Structures UK 406

Standard Aero Canada 607

Tangent Link UK 515

Team Shortline France 1700

Techtest Ltd UK 518

Tech-Tool Plastics USA 1515

Thales Aerospace Division UK 1112

Thales Land and Joint Division UK 1112

Thales Services Division UK 1112

Thermax Belden CDT USA 1713

Thomann-Hanry Sarl France 617

TLC Handling Ltd UK 1303

Transas Eurasia Ltd UK 1607

Turbomeca France 1200

TWG Distribution (Breitling) Ltd UK Registration

Universal Helicopter USA 206

V.I.T. Engineering Austria 2015

VAO Interprofavia Russian Federation 1605

Vertical Canada 1612

Vertolet Russian Federation 604

VP Defence Ltd UK 2106

Weco Aerospace Systems Inc USA 905

Weston Aerospace UK 1316

Wood & Douglas Ltd UK 1617

World Aircraft Sales UK 716

Wulfsberg Electronics Division USA 404

ZOK International Group UK 1317

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