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By Staff Writer | January 1, 2006
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Delivering the Avionics Helicopter Operators Demand

For more than 10 years, Avalex Technologies has been providing solutions to the special-mission avionics market.

Its current product offerings cover five distinct areas, all focused on the needs of the airborne surveillance community.


Rugged Flat-Panel Displays

Avalex has the widest product offering in the industry, with more than 60 different types and variant of displays available, in sizes ranging from 5.5 in. to over 20 in. diagonal.

A very wide range of video signals can be displayed on these flat panels, from regular NTSC/PAL video to RS-343, and even the latest digital high-definition standard of SMPTE292. As well, a wide range of computer graphics inputs are supported; from VGA to UXGA.

Digital Map Systems

Avalex introduced its precedent-setting digital map system about four years ago. Since then, this innovative system has been chosen by most federal law enforcement agencies, plus numerous state and local agencies as well.

Most recently, the AMS7100 map system was awarded a fleet-wide airworthiness release (AWR) by the U.S. Army for their OH-58A aircraft in the National Guard fleet. This allows the National Guard to quickly implement a leading-edge digital map system on their aircraft to support a broad range of missions, including drug interdiction and hurricane or disaster relief.

Digital Video Recorder

Avalex created the AVR8000 digital video recorder over two years ago to address the needs of airborne customers wanting to migrate away from old tape-based systems. The digital video recorder (DVR) offers operators a way to record digital video to flash media (jump drive), hard disk or to a DVD. This flexibility has led to sales of more than 200 units in the last two years.

Sensor-Pointing system

Avalex Technologies has created the leading-edge ACS6100 system that will offer Geopoint, Geohold, and target-streaming capabilities to most FLIR or color camera sensors on the market today.

Designed to be operated as either a stand-alone system or integrated with a digital map, the ACS6100 will allow a sensor operator to simply press the hold button on a control head to keep the sensor pointed at a target. The ACS6100 system will then take over the control of the sensor-pointing system. If the operator is using a digital map system, the ACS6100 can take information from the map system to point the sensor at a specified address or any designated location.

A Commitment to Excellence

Avalex Technologies' ongoing mission is to provide leading-edge products to the airborne surveillance market.

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