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By Staff Writer | January 1, 2006
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Bringing New Life to Venerable Aircraft, and Much, Much More

The Bell UH/AH1 Huey is the iconic helicopter. First flown in 1956, more than 16,000 Hueys have been built. To date, they have flown more than 27 million hours collectively and, despite their age, most Hueys are still in service today.

By today's standards, the original Huey is too slow, too restricted in altitude, and too expensive to maintain. No problem: Thanks to DynCorp International (DI), the Huey has received a new lease on life. In partnership with Pratt & Whitney of Canada and Global Helicopter Technology, Inc., DI has revived the Huey by upgrading it with a Pratt & Whitney PT-6 engine, a redesigned tail rotor assembly, and upgraded avionics and controls. The reborn Huey - The Global Eagle - is lighter, more fuel-efficient, and inexpensive to maintain. As well, its improved payload range and ability to fly at high altitudes give it unprecedented versatility.


This is just one of DynCorp International's many achievements. For instance, beyond DI's amazing revival of the Huey, the company's environmentally friendly sludge removal process allows maximum extraction of valuable petroleum from sediment; no small feat during these times of soaring oil prices. To aid its clients, DI operates a highly efficient global recruiting network that can find skilled professionals and technicians worldwide; while DynInsight, its Web-based enterprise information system, helps DI customers manage everything from supply chains, inventory, and workflow to internal communications and administrative support.

In early 2006, DI will relocate its aviation management teams to Alliance Airport in North Fort Worth, including acquisition of a hangar to better serve the needs of its aviation customers, and to accommodate future growth of its aviation services sector. DI currently has several FAA repair stations, including one in Panama City, Florida, and one in Puerto Rico.

As an innovative professional-services and project-management company, DI has provided critical military and civilian support services to governments for nearly 60 years. DI traces its beginnings to the establishment of Land-Air, Inc. and California Eastern Airways in 1946. In 1951, Land-Air developed the concept of Contract Field Teams, by which the company deployed teams of technicians to the field to maintain military aircraft instead of requiring aircraft to return to a central facility.

DI and its predecessors have held the Contract Field Teams contract continuously since then. Today, the company maintains rotary and fixed-wing aircraft for all branches of the United States Armed Forces throughout the world, for foreign governments flying American aircraft purchased under the Foreign Military Sales program, and for commercial aviation.

That's not all: DynCorp International provides logistics and contingency support to the U.S. Armed Forces and Department of State, including maintenance of the Army's Pre-Positioned Stocks Afloat and the Air Force's War Reserve Materiel. DI was selected to manage the demobilization of the Liberian armed forces and the training of a new Liberian army. Today, DI provides logistical support to the Department of State's assistance program to the Southern Sudanese.

In recent years, DynCorp International has broadened its reach in program management and security. Since 1994, it has recruited, trained, and deployed more than 5,000 highly-qualified civilian peacekeepers and police trainers to 11 countries, including Haiti, Bosnia, Afghanistan, and Iraq, for the Department of State.

DI provides major support to protect American diplomats and diplomatic facilities as well as key allied leaders in high-threat countries. It provides major services to the U.S. government to eradicate illicit narcotics crops and support drug-interdiction efforts in South America and Afghanistan. Finally, DI is currently engaged in the removal and destruction of land mines and light weapons in Afghanistan.

All told, DynCorp International employs more than 14,000 people in some 35 countries. In the fiscal year ending March 31, 2005, this Irving, Texas-based powerhouse had revenue of more than $1.9 billion [thousand million] dollars.

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