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By by James T. McKenna | January 1, 2006
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Making Our Lists

The changeover from 2005 to 2006 has been a busy, busy time for us here at Rotor & Wing.

The hustle and bustle of the place as we moved into the holiday period of Christmas and New Year's had me imagining the operational tempo of all the little helpers in Santa's workshop (though neither I nor Managing Editor Douglas W. Nelms would look appealing in those green outfits.)


While our counterparts at the North Pole might be tipping Mai Tais and passing sunscreen by now on their post-rush vacations, we're still at work putting the finishing touches on products we're certain will be welcome (and soon considered essential) additions to your rotorcraft wish lists.

The first two are already in your hands. The Annual Supplier Sourcebook 2006 was delivered with our December 2005 issue. This issue brings you the second, our Annual Reports edition of rotorcraft company profiles and outlooks of select executives on market prospects for the coming year. The last, and perhaps most important, is our new World Rotorcraft Resource. The inaugural edition of this important business tool will be distributed at the Helicopter Assn. International's Heli-Expo 2006 in Dallas late next month and at air shows and industry events throughout the year. It also will be available for purchase throughout the year.

(Please note that there is still time--but not much--to be included in this important publication. If your company hasn't submitted information for it, contact me immediately at or 301-354-1839 or download a listing form from our Web site,

These three products are uniquely different but equally valuable reference publications for anyone doing business (or seeking to) in the rotorcraft industry, whether the target market is local or international.

The Annual Supplier Sourcebook provides an alphabetic listing of rotorcraft-related companies, their contact information and (in many cases) brief information on the products and services they offer. It is a quick and handy tool for tracking down a company you need to contact.

The Annual Reports issue looks inside a select group of those companies. In the Profiles section, it gives these companies the opportunity to talk directly to their customers and the marketplace. Here, the companies highlight the contributions they and their latest products can make to the efficient and profitable operation of helicopter businesses and organizations. The Executive Outlooks section provides a forum for top executives of those companies to expound upon the prospects and pitfalls ahead for the rotorcraft industry and the role they and their companies can play in helping you navigate that changing terrain. We're confident you'll enjoy their insights and find their company profiles informative and useful.

The World Rotorcraft Resource is a product that has been some time in the making. It revives the series of annual directories that R&W published throughout the 1990s and improves upon those products. The 2006 World Rotorcraft Resource includes:

*Aircraft Profiles and Specifications for most civil rotorcraft in service today. These profiles offer a synopsis of an aircraft's development, evolution and position in the marketplace today. The verified and validated aircraft specs, including powerplant details, tell operators the basic information they need to assess what different aircraft types can do for them in different applications and missions. Together these sections provide a handy guide for sizing up today's civil helicopters and their competitors.

* Engine Specifications. This summary section offers a quick rundown of the piston and turbine powerplants on the market and their performance ranges.

* Helicopter Avionics Specifications. Here we present a rundown of the latest communications, navigation, traffic and terrain warning and other vital avionics products on the market and a rundown of their performance capabilities and system and interface requirements.

* The Comprehensive Listing of Rotorcraft-Related Companies worldwide. The listings provide essential information on each company, including its phone, fax, email and Web contact details and its point of contact.

* The Products and Services listings. This breakdown of companies by their products and services offers rotorcraft operators a quick and easy means of finding folks who can provide the critical goods and support they need. It is an equally handy tool for anyone seeking to do business with companies that serve the world's rotorcraft market. Likewise, it's a great tool for anyone looking for a helicopter operator to fly them or their goods or protect and service their property and facilities. The Products listings identify companies by whether they are a manufacturer, distributor or overhauler of the specified items (or otherwise service those goods). The Services listings include the companies that operators depend on to do their business as well as separate listing of the operators themselves and the services they provide to the marketplace.

* A comprehensive listing of all engine and airframe service centers and the products serviced by each.

We are confident the World Rotorcraft Resource will quickly become an essential tool. We are committed to making it even more valuable, so if you want something more in it or have any suggestion for improving this publication please let me know.

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