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Enstrom Helicopter

By Staff Writer | January 1, 2006
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Best Kept Secret in Helicopters

Sixty years ago, Michigan lumberman and mechanic Rudy Enstrom dreamt of manufacturing his own helicopter. Aided by experienced aircraft designers and backed by local business people, Enstrom realized his dream in the 1960s when the R.J. Enstrom Corp. (established in 1959, and renamed the Enstrom Helicopter Corp. in 1971) began building and selling the F-28 light helicopter.

Today, Enstrom's primary corporate objective is to achieve the proper balance of performance, safety, functionality, reliability, and affordability in a family of light helicopters. "We are very proud of our record of low accident rates and we are particularly proud of an exemplary record of few serious or fatal accidents," says Enstrom President and CEO Jerry M. Mullins.


Enstrom continues a steady growth in sales (up 30 percent in 2005) and is reaching new markets here in the U.S. and around the world. Enstrom Director of Marketing and Sales Tracy Biegler said, "2006 will be the year the 480B enters the police market. We made a dedicated effort to showcase the 480B's police capabilities to over 40 U.S. police units in 2005 and the overwhelming response from the pilots was `WOW.' Since 2004 we've expanded our dealer network and have helicopter purchases in countries such as Georgia, Sylvania and Korea."

Enstrom Product Line

Enstrom's 280FX and F28F piston-powered helicopters are the only turbocharged helicopters produced in the world today. They outperform all competitors at altitude. In addition to excellent performance, they feature the roomiest cockpits in class and best finish level.

Enstrom 480B light turbine helicopter has established itself as the best value-for-the-money aircraft in the light-turbine class. It combines outstanding performance with superior cabin flexibility and lowest acquisition and operating cost.

Enstrom's helicopters are all over the world performing police missions, herding cattle, darting elephants, spraying crops, gathering news, training and transporting passengers in style. Whatever its purpose, the Enstrom does it in a safe, fun and affordable manner.

Product Testimonies

"I love the Enstrom," says Mike Adrian, who flies the Enstrom 280C Shark for KEYE-TV. "It's very stable helicopter, extremely forgiving, tough as a boot and legendary for its durability."

"I don't know what you could want from a piece of machinery," says Brian Alesio, a private pilot who flies the F28F Falcon. "Its smooth, it's fast, and it performs flawlessly."

"The comfort inside the 480B rivals that of some automobiles...interior noise levels are low for a helicopter, and visibility is spectacular for all occupants...the wide cabin doors facilitate graceful egress."--AOPA pilot. 

To get your own Enstrom Helicopter, just log on, or call 906-863-1200.

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