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By Staff Writer | January 1, 2006
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Rotary- and Fixed-Wing Simulation Specialists

Building on more than 20 years of simulation experience, Flight Simulators Ltd. is a solutions supplier of Flight Simulation Systems, Hardware and Software for any level of user or organisation, from the professional flight schools to the avid simmer.

We are based at Norwich International Airport, where we operate the United Kingdom's first BITD (Basic Instrument Training Device) system, a fully featured Elite Evolution S612 which offers full cockpit replication of both a Cessna 172 single-engined aircraft and a Beechcraft Baron B58 Twin.


We are the U.K. supplier for products from:

Elite Simulations--a leading vendor of CAA- and JAR-certified Rotary- and Fixed-Wing Software and Hardware devices.

PFC--The leading manufacturer of PC-based flight training hardware.

The Real Cockpit Company--specialists in the most authentic Robinson R22/R44 flight environments.

ITRA--a bright new star in introductory-level simulation hardware.

Our focus is on offering innovative solutions to your specific training needs. We understand that commercial flight requirements can't always be easily addressed by off-the-shelf packages and are happy to tailor software and hardware to reflect your circumstances.

Our range of products will meet the demands of all flight training needs and all budgets. We offer a complete package, from Pedals, Avionics, Yokes, Consoles, Software, Monitors, Computers and Peripherals, Cockpit Enclosures, Visual Projectors and Screens, as well as the full bespoke Flight and Navigation Procedures Trainer (FNPT) Synthetic Training Device customised to your own aircraft fleet.

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