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By Staff Writer | January 1, 2006
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If There's an Aircraft in the Sky, We're On It

Goodrich Corporation, a Fortune 500 company, is a leading global supplier of systems and services to the aerospace and defense industry. If there's an aircraft in the sky - we're on it.

Goodrich, headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, employs more than 21,000 people worldwide in more than 100 facilities across 16 countries with annual revenues of over $4.7 billion. Goodrich offers an extensive range of products, systems and services for aircraft and engine manufacturers, airlines, helicopter operators and defense forces around the world.


The company's transformation into one of the globe's largest aerospace companies has been driven by strategic acquisitions and internal growth fueled by innovation and quality. From health-monitoring and power systems to landing gear, engine control systems, rescue hoists and cargo winch systems, Goodrich products are on just about every aircraft in the world.

Goodrich Hoist & Winch

As a division of Goodrich Corporation, Goodrich Hoist & Winch is the world leader in the design, development, manufacture and support of helicopter rescue hoist and cargo aircraft winch systems. With design and manufacturing facilities in Los Angeles, California and Paris, France and repair capabilities around the globe, Goodrich is geographically positioned to serve the growing needs of the rescue community worldwide.

With more than 40 years of expertise in the rescue hoist business, the Goodrich Rescue Hoists have been known by several names. Most recently these products carried the TRW logo, but prior to that Western Gear, Lucas Western and Lucas Aerospace were our trademarks. Since 2002, we have been proud to continue our longstanding tradition of world-class products under the Goodrich name. While we are very proud of our achievement during the past 40 years, the next 10 years are undoubtedly very important and very exciting.

The helicopter rescue business is undergoing rapid growth, highlighted by the necessity for rescue due to recent tragic natural disasters around the globe. The development of increasingly capable helicopters together with increasingly trained and skilled rescue teams is driving the industry to a greater level of performance across a broader range of situational scenarios. Coupled with the fact that both civil and military populations around the world have a growing expectation that rescue services must be available, it is clear why the helicopter rescue business is growing so rapidly.

For Goodrich Hoist and Winch, this growth in operational performance is driving the need to continue providing more capable and more reliable products. Goodrich proprietary technologies such as symmetrical braking allow rapid, controlled directional changes, which are essential to a safe and successful mission in heavy seas when pitching decks can be a deadly hazard. Also, the Goodrich unique translating drum hoists allow for hoist operations at extreme fleet angles, again essential if the mission is in rapid water or difficult terrain.

However, the most critical change is in the expected levels of support necessary to keep rescue teams operational. At Goodrich, we are increasing our levels of field support to expand our ability to provide rapid response repair and field training support. We are constantly reducing our turn-around times to ensure that products get back to where they are needed as quickly as possible. Our commitment is to stand by our three-year warranty and 10-year overhaul criteria with first-class support that ensures that when a rescue needs to be performed the Goodrich hoist is available.

After all, whether you are flying Agusta, Bell, Boeing, Eurocopter, HAL, Mil, MD, PZL, Sikorsky or Westland, when it comes to Goodrich rescue hoists we can safely say, "We're on it."

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