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By Staff Writer | January 1, 2006
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With 50 Years' Experience, We Know Light

Hoffman Engineering has worked with Night-Vision Device (NVD) manufacturers as well as Life Support Professionals for more than 25 years to support precision testing of image-intensifier (I2) tubes and NVD Systems.

In 1991, Hoffman embarked on a project to develop a portable test system for current and future generation NVDs. The result of this effort is the ANV-126 NVD Test Set. The unit exceeded design goals and today the ANV-126 is accepted worldwide as the test set for the technology of today. In addition to being the test set of choice for all U.S. Forces, it is used wherever aviators fly with Night-Vision Goggles (NVGs).


The ANV-20/20 Infinity Focus System and a wide variety of NV support items complement the ANV-126. The success of this product family makes Hoffman Engineering the premier producer of test systems for I2 products.

The potential for loss of visual acuity in a crew station where NVGs are used is widely known. Hoffman has long understood this problem and created many tools to inspect and test for it. These include our NVG-102/103 family of Inspection Scopes as well as the LM-33-xx series of projectors and resolution targets.

Long recognized as a major producer of lighting products for military and commercial aircraft, Hoffman also designs advanced lighting systems for night-vision and covert applications. The demand for our innovative designs has resulted in an increasingly broader range of interior and exterior lighting projects.

Civil rotorcraft use of Night-Vision Goggles is rising rapidly as EMS,

SAR, Police and others recognize the many benefits there are to Night-Vision Operations. Goggle performance has improved to the degree that operations in relatively bright urban environments is now possible.

We have provided assistance in nearly every facet of NVD applications. Today, Hoffman continues to support DOD operations in this technology to a greater extent than ever. As the Civil segment grows into broader use, we are here to support your Night-Vision Operations.

If you are flying with NVGs, or plan to, contact Hoffman and use our experience to your advantage.

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