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Precision Heliparts, Inc.

By Staff Writer | January 1, 2006
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"Others sell parts, WE SELL SUPPORT!"

Precision Heliparts, Inc. (PHP), the original company of the Precision Aviation Group, Inc., provides parts support for turbine helicopters. Precision Heliparts, Inc. (PHP), the original company of the Precision Aviation Group, Inc., provides parts support for turbine helicopters. Since the business started in 1993, they have opened Precision Heliparts Canada, Inc. (PHC), in Vancouver and purchased Precision Avionics & Instruments (PAI) from Dallas Airmotive in 2004. PAI supports turbine-powered, fixed-wing aircraft. PHP and PAI are FAA/EASA-certificated component repair stations. PHC is Canadian DOT-certified.

The Precision Aviation Group of companies specializes in providing Inventory Supported Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul (ISMRO) services to fleet operators of commercially utilized aircraft-aircraft that must be operated profitably. Almost half of PAG's customers are internationally based.


PHP primarily supports:

  • Bell 206 & 206L series (including OH-58) and 407, 204 & 205 (UH-1 series), 212, 222, 412
  • Eurocopter AS350/355, MBB Bo-105, Bk-117, EC-120, EC-130, EC-135, EC-145
  • MD369 series and OH-6
  • Sikorsky S-76
  • Agusta A109 Series

ISMRO-Inventory Supported Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul

Simply put, ISMRO is the combining of the traditional parts house functions with repair station functions, and is the new model for parts support providers. Like a traditional parts house, PHP is a Sales Distributor for many brand names-instruments from Mid-Continent, RC Allen, and United; electrical accessories from APC, Globe, and AAE to name a few. But unlike the traditional parts house, PHP also provides extensive FAA/EASA repair station capabilities. This includes avionics, instruments, and electrical accessories from combined shops with 30 technicians and 12,000 square feet of shop space.

Repairs Management

Precision Heliparts processes thousands of avionics, instruments, components and other rotable items for repair or overhaul annually. PHP's expertise in repairs management, their knowledge of the industry, and the strong relationships they have developed with OEMs and repair agencies help PHP customers by lowering their repair costs and reducing turnaround times.

Spare Parts

PHP maintains a rotables inventory of more than 22,000 items to support its customers. The company is an authorized distributor for many manufacturers and distinguishes itself by providing technical expertise and exceptional customer service.


The expertise and skills of PHP's highly-trained technicians provide the solutions to a variety of repair problems. With Overhaul/Repair Capabilities on over 7,000 items and five separate overhaul shops in over 12,000+ square feet, the company specializes in the overhaul of avionics, instruments, electrical accessories and engine accessories.

Need AOG service?

PHP maintains more than 20,000 line items, new and overhauled, ready for immediate shipment to get your aircraft flying again. Want contract pricing for repairs and guaranteed exchange availability for components? PHP does that. Need to buy spares, or lease a Spares Box? PHP has it covered.

Both Atlanta and Vancouver are international and domestic hubs with direct flights to more than 200 cities in North America and the world. And, of course, Precision Heliparts ships all the standard ways-FedEx, UPS, DHL, and even Greyhound if you like.

For further information and a free catalog contact:
Precision Heliparts, Inc
495 Lake Mirror Road #800G
Atlanta, GA 30349 USA
Phone: 800-537-4140 or 404-768-9090
Fax: 404-768-9006

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