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By Staff Writer | January 1, 2006
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The Lifesaving Choice for SAR Transmitters and Beacons

As an established supplier of quality emergency distress transmitters and homing-locating systems, Techtest Ltd. offers one of the most comprehensive portfolios of Search and Rescue equipment available today. Ranging from lightweight portable beacons to fixed and deployable emergency transmitters, Techtest products operate on the 406 MHz SARSAT frequency to ensure the fastest possible satellite detection times, plus accurate identification and locating. An integral GPS option provides extra performance in locating time and accuracy; further enhancing survival and rescue prospects. In addition, all transmitters provide a homing signal on standard distress frequencies.

The Techtest Series 503 Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) and the deployable Crash Position Indicator (CPI) offer added capability by rapidly pinpointing and broadcasting the location of an emergency without any action by the crew. Activated automatically in the event of an accident, these systems transmit the aircraft's last known GPS position as part of its 406 satellite message. The CPI also deploys automatically from the aircraft, and its buoyant design ensures that CPI continues to transmit the precise location of the crash site long after the aircraft has submerged, and regardless of any subsequent tidal drift.


Meanwhile, crew members equipped with the Series 500-27 GPS beacon can be separately identified and located by satellite; thereby giving rescue forces precise information on individual survivors. A two-way speech capability also provides an essential voice link for use when the rescue team is within sight. Unrivalled capability, performance and value: They are built into all Techtest SAR products and applications. That's why, when it comes to life-threatening situations where seconds count, Techtest is an air crew's very best friend.

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