By Staff Writer | January 1, 2006
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Dedicated to Turboshaft Engines for Helicopters

Turbomeca specializes in the design, production and sale of low- to medium-power gas turbines for helicopters. When its joint programs with other manufacturers are factored in, Turbomeca is the leading helicopter engine manufacturer on the international market. The company's goal: to provide a full range of services conveniently close to customers, wherever they may operate. It also designs and builds turbine engines for training aircraft and missiles, plus land and marine turbines.

The Facts

Turbomeca was founded in 1938 by Joseph Szydlowski, a Polish Jewish �migr� who fled the Nazis and then settled in France. Since that time, Turbomeca's 50,000 engines have collectively amassed more than 80 million operating hours. Today, there are 14,500 Turbomeca turbines of all kinds in operation, while the company itself serves 2,000 customers in 140 countries.


Turbomeca is part of the Propulsion branch of the SAFRAN Group, a high-technology group. Turbomeca also has three subsidiaries: Microturbo, a specialist in turbo-reactors for missiles; CGTM, dedicated to in-flight testing and maintenance; and Incodev, which develops, engineers, and manages European projects.

Power and Service

Ranging from 450 to 3,000 shp, Turbomeca turbines power civil, para-public and defense helicopters for all the leading helicopter manufacturers. Despite this variety, all of these turbines benefit from Turbomeca's emphasis on leading-edge technology that is carefully designed, rigorously tested, and painstakingly manufactured.

"The importance we attach to investment in R&D enables our customers to benefit from the latest technology with a real potential for improved power ratings," explains Turbomeca CEO and Chairman Emeric d'Arcimoles. "After the sale is done, we support our customers with top-quality service to ensure that their engines continue to provide peak performance and retain their book value."

This dedication to after-sales service is why Turbomeca operates out of 14 locations worldwide, including Turbomeca USA (Dallas) and Turbomeca Canada (M�ribel). In the past four years, Turbomeca has added 15 local TurboSupport Centers (notably three in the United States), a 24/7 network of three strategically located Technical Engineering centers and a user's online MRO tracking web service (T.O.O.L.S.). Turbomeca has also begun its first international logistics hub at Paris' Roissy Airport. In the same period, the company expanded the number of Field Representatives from 15 to 32.

Support by the Hour

Adapted to all fleet sizes, SBH® Mission is packaged into seven mission types for multi-role operators and Civil and Public Service missions.

Latest News

On Oct. 4, 2005, Turbomeca announced that the Ardiden, the new Turbomeca engine (shown at top, right), has completed its first run on test bench.

The Ardiden 1H turboshaft engine (called Shakti in India) will first be used to power the twin-engine Dhruv helicopter developed by HAL. This aircraft offers a takeoff load of 5,500kg. Its entry into service is planned for March 2007. The Ardiden will initially serve the Indian Armed Forces. For this purpose, several hundreds of engines will be produced in the next 10 years.

This new turboshaft engine completes Turbomeca's range, the largest in the market.

The Choice of Major OEMs

Thanks to Turbomeca's continuing investment in R&D, commitment to global service, and quality design and manufacturing facilities, Turbomeca helicopter engines are the choice of Agusta/Westland, Eurocopter, HAL and Sikorsky.

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