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By Staff Writer | January 1, 2007
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Satisfied customers. New products. Milestone deliveries. These are some of the successes that defined Aerospace Filtration Systems, Inc. (AFS) in 2006.

Long dominant in the military market, 2007 will find AFS continuing to sharpen its focus on the commercial helicopter market, where the company’s filtration products are growing in popularity. Supported by the industry’s most respected engineering talent, AFS is developing, introducing and certifying new products to meet customer demand.

"Our results and outlook are excellent, and it’s gratifying to see industry acceptance of high-technology filtration systems," company President Michael Scimone says. "We’re meeting a need and helping operators flying a variety of missions around the world." Scimone expects continued strong demand for helicopter main engine Inlet Barrier Filters (IBFs) and Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) IBFs into 2007 and beyond.


"Sales have increased by more than 500 percent since AFS was founded in 1999, and today the company is recognized as the industry leader in the design, development and manufacture of high-performance IBF systems for commercial and military rotorcraft," states Scimone.

New Products for AgustaWestland, Eurocopter and Bell

As military demand for AFS filtration systems has steadily grown, the commercial marketplace has followed suit. AFS is an engineering-driven company, constantly developing products and applying advanced technology for engine inlet design. In fact, AFS has recently certified filtration systems for the AgustaWestland A119 Koala, Eurocopter AS350 and Bell 205/UH-1H series helicopters.

AFS also offers certified commercial filtration systems for the Bell 206B, Bell 407, Bell 206L-3/L-4, Bell 206L-1/C30, and MD 369 (MD 500H/D/E/F Series). Factory-direct deliveries of AFS systems continue, with AFS STCs offered as options by AgustaWestland, Bell Helicopter and MD Helicopters.

Incorporation of AFS filters at the Type Certified (TC) stage on the Bell 417 and 429 demonstrate the industry’s trend away from inertial separators and towards barrier filters. Long term, the continued growth in such factory-direct deliveries will contribute to strong demand for AFS products, Scimone says.

Since 1999, AFS has designed and commercially certified or military qualified more than 12 new products. In 2006, the company delivered its 2,500th IBF system. AFS certified its first commercial system in September of 2002 with its seventh STC airframe application FAA certified in December 2006.

Realizing the IBF ROI

Although commercial operators appreciate the engine protection and performance benefits of AFS filters, they increasingly are drawn to the Return on Investment (ROI) benefits.

With AFS’ barrier filters installed, expensive components like a 20,000-hour design life compressor impeller, previously replaced at every 2,000-hour overhaul due to erosion damage, can now survive multiple overhauls. Operators can attain the ROI for a barrier filter system within one engine overhaul cycle even in a relatively clean environment. Overhaul cost reduction for other bleed-air-driven components can also be significant with continued use of clean, filtered air.

A Strong Military Foundation

AFS IBF technology was originally targeted for demanding military helicopter missions. The benefits to a commercial operator are orders of magnitude improvement over existing technology. Filters have been fielded and proven on a wide variety of U.S. Army helicopter main engines and APUs operating in the harshest desert environments. The filter systems have been critically important for combat helicopters flying in Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom, where AFS IBF’s have performed exceptionally well.

Breathe Easy, Get the Power You Need

Direct sales from AFS or through dedicated distributors make it easier than ever to order and install an AFS filtration system. So breathe easy with AFS Inlet Barrier Filters on every helicopter in your fleet.


Aerospace Filtration Systems, Inc.

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AFS filter systems deliver increased performance and reduced life-cycle costs, two critical characteristics operators demand.

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