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By Staff Writer | January 1, 2007
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CMC Electronics Inc. is a world leader in the design, manufacture, sales and support of leading technology electronics products for the aviation and global positioning markets. CMC’s focus is on delivering innovative cockpit-systems integration and avionics solutions to its customers worldwide. Its principal locations are in Montreal, Quebec; Ottawa, Ontario, and Chicago, Illinois.

In 1901, Guglielmo Marconi made the first-ever trans-oceanic wireless transmission. Two years later, Marconi’s Wireless Telegraph Co. of Canada was founded. Renamed the Canadian Marconi Co. in 1925 and then CMC Electronics in 2001, this company has consistently designed and built innovative communication and electronics systems since 1903.

CMC’s pedigree for innovation and excellence for more than a century is evidenced by its many long-term customers and suppliers’ loyalty. Its success can be attributed to a clear and focused business strategy and a motivated and experienced workforce. This well-established company has a long and rich history, combined with the agility and spark of a young company that truly innovates. Today, CMC is known in the aerospace industry for its exciting and expanding product lines and as a real and growing player in systems integration.


CMC Electronics pursues niche markets in which products of the utmost quality, highest reliability and most innovative functions are required. The company is a major supplier to the aerospace and high-technology industries, airlines, military agencies and government customers around the world.

CMC’s products include flight management systems, enhanced vision systems, electronic flight bags, GPS receivers, multi-function displays, mission computers, head-up displays (HUDs), satellite communication antennas and human-factors engineering services. Some examples:

CMC’s new-generation Flight Management System (FMS), known as the CMA-9000, is designed for modern digital cockpits in fixed and rotary wing aircraft. With increased memory, input/output and faster processing, the CMA-9000 offers long-term growth potential and increased capability for integration with a large number of helicopter avionics. The CMA-9000 FMS builds on the company’s highly successful CMA-3000 FMS installed on the EC135, EC145, EC225, AS532, and AS330 helicopters.

For helicopter applications, CMC supplies its FMS for the U.S. Army’s UH-60M Black Hawks. CMC shares the development and integration effort as part of a joint Sikorsky Aircraft/CMC team. CMC supplies its CMA-2082A Avionics Management System and CMA-2088 Emergency Control Panel for both the UH-60Q and HH-60L medical-evacuation aircraft for the U.S. Army.

CMC was selected by Sikorsky to provide its latest-generation, open-architecture Aircraft Management System (AMS) for the Canadian Forces’ CH-148 Cyclone to be supplied by Sikorsky for the Canadian Maritime Helicopter Project (MHP). The planned fleet of 28 CH-148 multi-role helicopters will be equipped with two CMC Electronics AMSs per aircraft. CMC is also providing a weapons delivery system for the Westland Super Lynx 300 aircraft. This system makes use of an overhead HUD, open-architecture mission computer with embedded digital map and armament interface unit for armament integration.

CMC’s latest generation, aviation GPS receiver incorporates Wide-Area Augmentation System (WAAS) technology. The high-performance IntegriFlight CMA-5024 aviation GPS receiver provides Space-Based Augmentation System (SBAS) and GPS primary means navigation as well as GPS approach capability for business, regional, commercial air transport and helicopter aircraft.

ABC Completions of Montreal has received supplemental type certificate (STC) approval to install the CMC Electronics’ PilotView Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) on a CL-604 Challenger business jet aircraft. As part of the installation, ABC Completions has provided a custom-made telescopic articulating mount, which places the EFB in the optimum position for comfortable viewing and usage, while maintaining safe operations of all cockpit controls. ABC Completions received a STC for CMC Electronics’ class 2 EFB on a Global Express in 2005.

CMC’s PilotView EFB improves productivity by enabling pre-flight planning and efficient access to up-to-date aircraft documentation, checklists and flight planning information. PilotView increases situational awareness in flight with en route and approach charts, moving map display, EVS display and graphical, real-time weather information.

PilotView is a compact, lightweight system with a display/processor unit and aircraft interface unit that are easy to install in a variety of cockpits where space is at a premium. A high-quality 8.4-in AMLCD display offers exceptional readability in all cockpit ambient light conditions. In addition to line select keys and a convenient integrated keyboard, the PilotView EFB offers a "film-on-glass" touch-sensitive screen providing pilots with a choice when accessing or navigating through EFB software applications. PilotView allows a pilot to immediately view what is on the other pilot’s display through the touch of a single key. A unique feature is a one-touch video key that enables the pilot to toggle between the current application and video images from video surveillance systems.

CMC’s certification experience is extensive. Its products are currently certified on both civil and military aircraft types, including all Airbus, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Bombardier and Embraer fixed-wing jet and turboprop aircraft. The company’s products support numerous rotary-wing aircraft OEMs, such as Eurocopter, Westland, Agusta and Sikorsky, and operators. CMC is also a major supplier to systems integrators such as Honeywell, Thales and Rockwell Collins. It has participated in many aircraft type OEM certifications and individual STCs.

For more than 100 years, CMC Electronics has been at the forefront of electronics design and manufacture. Take advantage of its legendary performance. Put CMC Electronics’ products to work for you today!


CMC Electronics Inc.

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Montreal, Quebec, Canada H4M 2S9


Fax: 514-748-3100

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