COMPANY PROFILE: Kaman Helicopters

By Staff Writer | January 1, 2007
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Long known for pushing the envelope of helicopter technology, the Helicopters Div. of Kaman Aerospace Corp. continues its legacy of innovation and leadership with new products, new technologies, and an exciting new area of focus. Today’s Kaman is a high-capability rotorcraft expert, delivering support and upgrades to strong niche products while innovating new concepts and vertical flight solutions.

Who Will Support the Warfighter? BURRO+

U.S. military interest and funding continue to grow for this unmanned, heavy-lift aircraft known as the Broad-Area Unmanned Responsive Resupply Operations (BURRO+). Increasingly recognized as an invaluable tool for air logistics, BURRO+ reduces the need for convoys, minimizing soldiers’ exposure to improvised explosive devices. The aircraft’s unique ability to lift and carry up to 6,000 lb make it the ideal way to deliver ammunition, supplies and combat vehicles without putting personnel in harm’s way. Kaman already has demonstrated and proven the concept of using BURRO+ in concert with an unmanned ground vehicle to gather intelligence and investigate possible improvised explosive devices in order to minimize exposure to soldiers. The rotorcraft also set a world record for unrefueled flight, operating autonomously for more than 12 hr.


Who Will Support the Industry? HeliworX

HeliworX, Kaman’s newly named innovation and manufacturing support center, taps into Kaman’s rotorcraft experience, capability and capacity to deliver a range of vertical flight solutions to the world’s prime helicopter manufacturers. This rapidly growing business teams Kaman’s helicopter capability with prime manufacturers’ supply-chain managers to deliver the industry’s most responsive, high-quality design, manufacturing and assembly services. The breadth and depth of Kaman’s rotorcraft expertise and specialized capabilities are attracting top-tier customers from around the world and providing a steady flow of work to the HeliworX facility in Connecticut. From advanced composite rotor blades to major helicopter airframe structure and assembly, HeliworX is becoming the rotorcraft industry’s "go-to source" for complex, flight-critical helicopter work.

Who Will Outwork Them All? K-MAX/FIREMAX

The K-MAX Aerial Truck — and its sister ship FIREMAX — are the ideal external load workhorses, designed and certified to repetitively lift and precisely deliver up to 6,000 lb of cargo. Developed for efficient lift operations, K-MAX performs external load work in a variety of commercial applications better than any other helicopter in production. Renowned in the commercial logging, firefighting and construction industries for years, Kaman is now seeing growing interest in the K-MAX for emergency response, disaster relief and crisis logistics missions.

Who Will Support The World’s Navies? Seasprite

The SH-2G Super Seasprite is a multi-mission maritime helicopter ideally suited for operation from naval frigates and patrol vessels. Designed as a shipboard helicopter, the Super Seasprite is the "eyes and ears" of the ship over the horizon. Seasprite missions include anti-surface warfare, surface search and surveillance, over-the-horizon targeting, boarding party insertion, maritime strike, utility and search and rescue. As Kaman continues to provide robust support for the fleet, it is also upgrading the aircraft in a variety of important ways.

Who Can You Count On?

For 60 years, the company founded as Kaman Aircraft Corp. has been on the leading edge of rotorcraft development, manufacture, and support. Today, the company’s solid reputation for excellence continues to grow, further expanding the legacy of the company and setting the stage for a strong and successful 2007.


Mel French


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