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COMPANY PROFILE: Pratt & Whitney Canada

By Staff Writer | January 1, 2007

When Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. was looking to upgrade its popular S-76 helicopter, it chose to power the new S-76D with Pratt & Whitney Canada’s innovative PW210 engine, designed for large single, intermediate and medium twin helicopters. This impressive powerplant is designed to provide customers in corporate, offshore oil, hospital, airline and government applications with both improved payload and range. "The PW210, like all our engines, is designed with the operator in mind," says Keyvan Fard, vice president, regional airline and turboshaft engines. "Our company shares a long and successful relationship with the helicopter industry, built on innovation. Our very first engine stimulated the growth of a whole new generation of helicopters in the 1960s. Today, we continue to push the envelope, supplying a full range of turboshaft engines to every major turbine-powered helicopter manufacturer in the world."

The PW210 family incorporates the latest advances in compressor design technology and turbine materials, setting new standards in power-to-weight ratio and fuel consumption. This new breed of helicopter engine also incorporates a dual-channel, full-authority digital electronic control (FADEC) system with state-of-the-art diagnostics capability. "The PW210 first run was on schedule, meeting all performance targets, and it is expected to achieve the same level of success as its predecessor, the PW200 family," says Fard.

The PW206 and PW207 engines have, over the years, grown to more than 700 shp, positioning the PW200 family as a leader in its market. Today, these engines power all new-generation light twin helicopters, including the latest additions, the AgustaWestland Grand and the Bell Helicopter 429. Its modular design and only three major rotating components make it one of the simplest turboshaft engines in its class with excellent operating economics.


P&WC’s world-famous PT6 turboshaft has set industry standards for more than four decades. The PT6 has evolved into multiple twin- and single-engine variants, including the highest power PT6C-67, powering among others the BA609 tilt-rotor and the AgustaWestland AW139. The PT6T-9, the latest member of the PT6T Twin-Pac family, provides an impressive 17-percent greater takeoff power.

P&WC backs its engines with one of the best warranty packages and most comprehensive service network in the industry. Its helicopter engine support has been ranked No. 1 by operators in powerplant support surveys for the past seven years. P&WC’s service package includes: a strategically located network of field representatives; a 24-hr help line for uninterrupted support; dedicated customer training, and more than 30 factory-owned and authorized independent service facilities worldwide. Other initiatives include high-tech engine-condition monitoring and complete maintenance packages, providing operators with peace of mind.

P&WC Helicopter Power Solutions

PW210 1,000-shp class

New-generation powerplant for large single, intermediate and medium twin helicopters

PW200 500-700-shp class

Powering all new-generation light twin helicopters

PT6B 900-1,000-shp class

Dependable power and versatility for single and twin helicopters

PT6T 1,800-2,200-shp class

The PT6T Twin-Pac, now incorporates the latest technologies, including digital electronic control

PT6C 1,600-2,000-shp class

Continues to set industry standards with new technologies and state-of-the-art digital control

PW100 2,000-5,000-shp class

Bringing the legacy of the world’s leading regional airline engine to helicopters


Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp.

1000 Marie-Victorin Blvd.

Longueuil, Quebec J4G 1A1



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