U.S. Generals Disagree on Insurgent Tactics in Downings

By James T. McKenna | February 12, 2007
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U.S. generals disagree on whether recent shootdowns of U.S. helicopters reflect new tactics adopted by  Iraqi insurgents. One also revealed another shootdown of a UH-60 Black Hawk, this one Jan. 25 near the town of Hit. That is the second Black Hawk downing and the fifth of a U.S. military helicopter since Jan. 1. In discussing that loss, Army Maj. Gen. Jim Simmons, deputy commanding general of the Multi-National Corps in Iraq, said "I will tell you that someone who is involved in a fight, who is adaptive and thinking, will develop the tactics to be able to engage people. I believe that is what we have seen here." His comments came a day after the Army’s vice chief of staff, Richard Cody, en route to Afghanistan, told the Associated Press “I see no change in trends” on the part of the insurgent’s targeting efforts. For related news


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