Rotorcraft Report: Helicopters Take Off In Mexico City

By Staff Writer | April 1, 2007
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Mexico City is far from quiet. After all, the megalopolis is home to more than 20 million people. Added to the swirl of sound is a particular whirring overhead every few minutes: helicopters.

Mexico has joined Brazil at the top of the list of Latin American countries for helicopter use. In a country in which around 50 percent of people live in poverty, it’s a growing business, as those who can afford it increasingly choose to avoid the smog, traffic and kidnappers down below by flying high.


Even though poverty is staggering in Mexico, so is wealth. And over the past few years, rich Mexicans have been getting richer.

Helicopter sales are booming. Many operators are refurbishing their aircraft, even the police and law enforcement are increasing their fleet for security reasons.

More and more private owners have seen a benefit of owning a helicopter for security and for saving time. Mexico is the kidnapping capital in the hemisphere. On the ground, traffic snarls are infamous.

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