Chilean Firefighting Helos Take Barrage of Bullets

By James T. McKenna | April 10, 2007

Shots were fired April 8 at three helicopters fighting wildfires reported to have been set by arsonists in Chile's Lleu Lleu area 270 nm (500 km) south of the capital city of Santiago, according to The Santiago Times. The report said the three aircraft were hit by 38 shots and had to perform emergency landings. One pilot said a shot hit his helmet. The Mininco forestry company said 20 forest fires were started simultaneously at the Las Playas hacienda near the Lleu Lleu River. The three helicopters were on loan from Patagonia del PacĂ­fico. Mininco has been a victim in the past of arson attacks by Mapuche activists. For related news


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