V-22s to Self-Deploy to Iraq

By Jim McKenna | May 1, 2007
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Top brass have decided U.S. Marine Corps MV-22Bs will self-deploy to Iraq. The corps commandant, Gen. James Conway, confirmed year-old news April 13 that the tilt-rotor would be sent into combat later this year. But the question remained how Marine Medium Tilt-Rotor Sqdn. 263 (VMM-263), the unit tapped for the duty, would get its 10 Ospreys from its base at MCAS New River, N.C. to Al Asad air base—on board an amphibious landing ship or on their own power. The answer, Marines officials now say, is that the MV-22s will fly the route with support from KC-130 to showcase the aircraft’s self-deployment capabilities. For related news


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