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Rotorcraft Report: Tulsa Life Flight Orders EC145s To Replace Its BK117s

By Staff Writer | June 1, 2007
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Tulsa Life Flight, has ordered two Eurocopter EC145s to replace its present aircraft.

The new helicopters are slated to be delivered in September or October. Tulsa Life Flight operates two BK117s equipped with state-of-the-art technology that enables the program to transport blood to all trauma scenes as well as provide the correct pharmacology on board a flight. In addition, the aircraft carry equipment for a neonatal intensive care unit and intra-aortic balloon pump patients. The two aircraft fly an average of 150 missions a month.


The service operates one helicopter on a 24 hr basis, with the other used on a 12 hr shift. With the delivery of the two new aircraft, both will be on call 24/7 and night-vision goggles will be part of the equipment. Currently, light at night is provided either by NightSun or first responders, who mark and light up an accident scene.

In addition to six pilots, the company employs 12 nurses and 15 paramedics. One nurse and paramedic are on each flight. About 26 percent of the responses made by Life Flight are to accident scenes.

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