Great Slave Takes First Two Eagle Singles

By James T. McKenna | June 8, 2007
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Great Slave Helicopters has taken delivery of the first two Eagle Single modifications of the Bell Helicopter 212 from Eagle Copters. The Alberta, Canada maintenance and sales shop delivered the first Eagle Single June 5 and the second the next day under a lease with Great Slave, based in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. Eagle replaces the 212’s twin engines with a single Honeywell 1,800-shp T5317BCV to decrease the aircraft's empty weight, boost its useful load, and enhanced other operating efficiencies. "We see unlimited potential for this aircraft in the forest-fire suppression market,” said Great Slave President and CEO Adam Bembridge. “To our knowledge, it is currently the only rotary-wing aircraft with the lifting capacity to accommodate a complete fire crew and their equipment, plus carry an adequate fuel load to support extended range initial attack forest fire suppression missions." For related news


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