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Rotorcraft Report: London Police Put Skyquest Mission Equipment on EC145s

By Staff Writer | July 1, 2007
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The London Metropolitan Police have given their new Eurocopter EC145s, which began flying in June, a heavy-duty technical boost with the installation of Skyquest Aviation’s new Video Management System mission equipment to provide aircrews with the latest in forward-looking infrared (flir) and video monitoring capabilities.

The system allows two airborne observers to simultaneously use different features of the same optical device from two separate stations aboard the aircraft.


As one observer on the flight deck can watch a scene using flir, while an observer in the back can watch the same scene in normal video fed from an assortment of cameras placed about the exterior of the helicopter. The master console has a set of multi-function display screens that can show up to four images at a time, and record or downlink one, all or a combination of views to ground personnel.

Sgt. Richard Brandon of the London Metro Police, whose city has seen more than its share of terrorist attacks, said, "Skyquest’s the system has proven to deliver everything we wanted from our mission system. We can view, record and transmit whatever information we need."

Skyquest Aviation, with U.K. offices in Berkshire and London, said it has received multiple orders since the system’s launch in 2006, and that it is "fast becoming the standard fit for many airborne surveillance users throughout Europe."

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