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Rotorcraft Report: HMAS ANZAC Joins Iraq Ops

By Staff Writer | August 1, 2007
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A flight crew on the Royal Australian Navy frigate HMAS ANZAC prepare to launch the ship’s Sikorsky Aircraft S-70 Seahawk June 27.

The ANZAC is providing an ongoing contribution to the rehabilitation and reconstruction of Iraq, according to the Australian Defence Force. The crew of the ANZAC assists with protecting Iraq’s offshore export oil terminals and monitoring, intercepting, and boarding vessels suspected of illegally trafficking cargo that diverts funds from the Iraqi economy. There are 180 crew members onboard the ship, which is the third Royal Australian Navy ship to carry the name of an Australian legend. Named after the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps during the First World War, the ANZAC’s landed on the Gallipoli Peninsula as part of a larger Allied Force on Apr. 25, 1915, meeting fierce resistance from the Turkish defenders. The campaign dragged on for a further eight months of trench warfare.


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