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From the Field: Elbit Unveils New Simulators

By Compiled by Marcia Kay | November 1, 2007
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Elbit Systems has designed full-motion simulators for Mil Mi-8s and Mi-24s that are intended to provide cost-effective, full security, initial and recurrent training based on accurate replication of the actual helicopter and mission environment.

The systems are designed to cover each aspect of routine, emergency, and mission operations in various scenarios. These include flying skills, terrain orientation development, and combat mission rehearsal. The simulators are designed to make the maximum use of off-the-shelf hardware and software, according to Elbit.

Pilots who train on the system will have the benefit of digitally controlled electric control loading that allows simulation of both normal and abnormal operation and procedures, noise generation covering high and low frequency bands and six degree of freedom electric motion systems.


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