Rotorcraft Report: Deccan Aviation Targets Aerial Mapping Market in India

By Staff Writer | November 1, 2007
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Deccan Aviation in partnership with a French company based in Bangalore, India is offering helicopters for aerial mapping for rail, road and underground pipeline construction in India.

Deccan said it has joined with several partners to form consortia to carry out different photogrammetric/mapping survey tasks using analog/digital cameras, airborne laser terrain mappers and light detection and ranging. Each consortium (Deccan would not disclose the members) consists of an aircraft operator that provides the aerial platform for the survey equipment, a second partner who owns the equipment, and a technical partner who analyzes and presents the data for maps to the client.


Deccan uses the Bell Helicopter 206L-3 LongRanger and 407 for airborne laser terrain and light detection and ranging (lidar) mapping.

Almost the whole of India is being re-mapped for accuracy, revenue, and urban planning work, as well as disaster-management planning, analysis of flooded areas, and geographic information system applications, said Deccan.

India is in need of 3D maps, said Capt. G.R. Gopinath, Deccan’s executive chairman. He said 2D maps are used today in rail and road construction.

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