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Rotorcraft Report: Webinar to Examine Composites Debate

By Staff Writer | November 1, 2007
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Debate on safety concerns about composite materials will be the focus of the next AviationToday Webinar: Aircraft Composites: How New Materials are Forever Changing Aviation.

The webinar is scheduled for Thursday, Nov. 15 at 11:00 am EDT.


Composites are at the core of technological design, manufacturing, and maintenance changes for new rotorcraft, particularly the NHIndustries NH90, as well as very light jets and Boeing’s new 787 Dreamliner. The webinar’s expert panelists will discuss safety concerns, including the possibility of faster and more toxic fires. The webinar will also examine how composite aircraft are revolutionizing the aviation industry.

Aviation Today’s webinar will explore: how composites are affecting the daily realities and bottom lines of aviation companies in all niches, how composites are transforming traditional manufacturing; the competitive advantages of composites; and the unintended hazards and dangers of composites. Speakers will include Ramon Lopez, editor-in-chief of the newsletter Air Safety Week, and Joy Finnegan, editor-in-chief, Aviation Maintenance magazine. To register for this webinar, visit

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